Courtesy Visit to Afghanistan Embassy on 17/10/12- 11am at Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Our team compromised of Mr.Kabur Ibrahim (President Mexpa), Madam Sevaran JP and Mr.Shaffie. We were met on arrival by His Excellency Abdul Samad SAMAD (Ambassador of Afghanistan Embassy) and Minister Consulate Ahmad Shah Arsalaie.

Mr. Ahmad Shah explained that he was happy at the visit by Mexpa and hoped that more Trade would take place between Malaysia and Afghanistan. Mr.Ahmad Shah also highlighted that many traders, students and professionals of other fields wanted to come to Malaysia but faces problems from Immigration and were unable to secure a visa. The main set back he said that was that Afghanistan did not have a Malaysian Embassy in Kabul, (Capital).
He also explained that Afghanistan was a land locked country and trading was tough, and parts like Dubai and Karachi in Pakistan had to be used. A recent visit by Afghanistan health officials has seen MOU signed and 200 students will be sent to 7 universities in Malaysia in the coming months. The Afghanistan people he said believed in the quality if goods from Malaysia and these was a big scope for business. Highways, Buildings, Bridges and roads need to be built and Mexpa is ready to work towards this projects. He cited that the media has blown the issue of Afghanistan war torn country. He further explained the previous political situation and the present government. He assured that the Taliban people will not disturb Muslim people as Malaysia was a Muslim country. He spoke on the exhibition that will be held on 22, 23 and 2/12 and said that Afghanistan delegates have trade show will encourage businesspeople to trade more effectively. These were projects, good water system, and good infrastructure needed.
Mr.Ahmad (Minister Counselor) said people were afraid to come to Afghanistan, He asked Malaysia, not to worry but to come and see for them. He said that there were 80,000 Pakistani’s working in Ayga. He said more Chinese/Indians, South Korea, Iranians and those from Uzbekistan and Turkey were actively working. He suggested that Malaysia do a fesiciable study and then organize a Trade Mission. Afghanistan had mining/gas/petrol/cooper/hydropower/gemstones and invited foreigners to seek this opportunity. He assured these were no problems. Ahmad Shah said the youths were ready to learn more things and bring more progress to their country. A new Halal city with big 30 km land. Eg: Like Putrajaya was being planned.
A train system was needed. Transportation good roads, highways and airports were needed. The procedures and policy would be highlighted. Malaysians invited to get their visa and could visit Afghanistan which is a 28 million people population. Afghanistan its main trade is agriculture based (all kinds of fruits / 80,000 Tons of rice /wheat/good carpet industry (Handwork). Karachi is a closer destination for trader. Afghanistan has 4 season and good minerals, a need was for good technology, The government had the resources. These was very good water from high mountains. They would look at 4000 mega projects. A dam was needed and resources were needed to generate power.
There are 20 education colleges and Universities (Government & Private). Afghanistan needs specialized training, vocational training. Afghanistanis speak Parsi. English is taught also. Afghanistan is a country with 7090 mountains. It has the capacity to produce Petrol. Malaysia can buy dry fruits, Fresh fruits, Saffron, Medical Plants, grains, herbal plants, wool, animal product, slim leather, raisins, carpets, juices, wheat, industry development is seen progressing. Malaysians exporters can export wood, furniture (as the jungle was damaged during war), Malaysia can send construction materials, and build homes, plywood has a good market. Electrical items from Malaysia are welcomed. Medicare from Malaysia is ready consumed. More paper is needed, 300 million tons used annually, palm oil, soap, toiletries, and food stuff is need for cooking and consuming.
Malaysians are encouraged to set up Trade centers. Singapore has interest in the above products too. To increase Hotels and Resorts. The people in Afghanistan to be trained in the Culinary and Tourism Industry. This is a great scope. Afghanistan is a land locked in the centre of Asia forming central Asia, South Asia and a part of Middle East. It is 647,500KM and the 41st largest nation. It is boarded by Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan and China. It is an ancient local point for Silk Road. Habitation is as back as 50,000 BC. It has been witnessed by military campaigns by Alexandra the Great, Genghiz khan, and Mogul Empire. The British and the Russian empires had ruled at one time.
The decades of war made Afghanistan the world’s most dangerous country. It becomes the largest producers of refugees and asylum seekers. Afghanistan is divided into 34 provinces and it is an opportunity for the Malaysian Businessman to explore the Afghanistan Mogul.

A luncheon Talk will be arranged in the near future and a trade mission will follow.

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2) Courtesy Visit to the Embassy of Myanmar
3) Courtesy visit to the Embassy of UAE

Prepared By,
Madam Sevaran Kaur JP
State Rep (NS /Liaison Official)

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