Courtesy Visit to India Embassy On 23.10.2012 at Menara 1, Mount Kiara, Kl

Mexpa’s delegation led by Mr. Kabur (President), Madam Sevaran JP and Encik Shaffie met up with His Excellency Gokhale and Dep.High Commisioner Assem R Mahajan recently at their embassy office on 23.10.2012
Mr.Kabur Ibrahim gave an Introduction on Malaysia Exporters Association activities and role. He mentioned that Mexpa was new and it was a NGO but had manufacturers in various fields registered,
Mexpa worked with many SME’s and MATRADE and MITI government agencies. Mr.Kabur informed that the patrons of the organization were none other than Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz. India being a big continent with a population of 200 million people was undergoing the rapid growth in various sectors, His Excellency Gokhale informed that on 29/12/12 in Sunway there will be an Asean rally and ASLI will be coordinating the event. Mr Kabur started that Mexpa also helped out in countries that did not have a MATRADE office. His Excellency explained that there were 2 big organizations looking into the Trade and His Excellency quoted the FIECO (India) (Federation of India Exporters Organization) was one of the big one and recently in 2012 has seen new Foreign Trade policies. It had its global Investors Mart; it had organinized SACT Fair in Kunming, China, had met with Australia, Seminar with European countries and meeting with Delegation from Bangladesh Diplomats, Nigerian delegations. These were also a workshop on food export and global business meets. His Excellency Gokhale requested En.Kabur to write in officially and expressed that he would be happy to attend a Luncheon talk. At length it was discussed that trade could be hosted at all states in India, such as Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Kerala and North India. His Excellency spoke on Mexpa meeting with the Tamil Chamber of Commerce, if a Trade Mission was to be organized to Chennai, His Excellency explained, Malaysian delegations were going to India to mutual visits after during the year. Mexpa’s calendar of events was briefed to His Excellency. His Excellency Gokhale suggested that on the website there was more information, there was updated materials and hoped Malaysians businessman will look at it. He stated that India was concerned that there has been a drop in exporters from Malaysia to India and vice versa. Referred to Mr. Kulra is the commercial advisor at the High Commision and more trading matches could be discussed. His Excellency Gokhale explained that Mexpa will be put on the mailing list. He also spoke on the Halal Industry and said Halal food was one area to be looked at in India. He cited that Malaysia Timber Board was already working with India companies.
Mr.Kabur explained that Mexpa will be looking at visiting Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos (Dec) and Jan 13 (Sri Lanka). The members will be briefed on this courtesy visit and will arrange a Trade Mission to India in March or April 2013. His Excellency also informed Mexpa officials that the coming INTRADE exhibition had a lot to offer and Mexpa should look at the incentives and benefits available.
Some information on India:
India is 1/3 size of US. It occupies most of the subcontinent in India in Southern Asia. Borders China in the northeast. Neighbors are Pakistan on the west, Nepal and Bhutan on the North, Burma, Bangladesh on the East. Himalayan in the North, Gangetic Plain, Plateau region, 3 river systems, the ganges, Indus and Brahmaputra. Aryans entered India in 1500 BC. Sanskrit and Vedic religion of the past now Hinduism. Buddhism founded in 6th Century, spread by Maura King (Asoka) 269-232 BC. In 1526 Muslim invaders founded the Mogul Empire centered in Delhi, ruled by Akhbar the great. For the information of Members, the capitol in New Delhi with largest city Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Madras (Chennai), Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Punjab.
India has seen British rule and Indians with Mahatma Gandhi leading the challenge, As India has much to offer, some success stories of Malaysian’s investing in India are mentioned.
– IJM had taken up a road and highway projects in India:- Pankaj Aggarwal, GM of IJM India
– GTL (India’s largest network services provider in the work has acquired a cash deal Intel Capitol and Malaysia Venture Capital Management (Mavcap).
– Raintree Park in Hyderabad is another project by Malaysians
Malaysia Airline (Nor airline) runs the largest fleet in South East Asia, Flies to Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. India is one of the highest provides of passengers to Malaysia. There is a large market potential for health supplements, In India people are becoming health conscious. Creative Network International is one of Malaysia multinational marketing level company, focusing on health products for health supplements. India from wind power, to solar energy to hydro power and biomass. India had intensified efforts to develop renewable energy sources.
– Education: India has trained doctors, engineers and other professional and has extended its wings to Malaysia: eg The Melaka Manipal Medical College with largest number of Malaysian students in India, The Manipal College has over 3000 alumni in Malaysia.
– India is also Malaysia’s 9th largest global trading partner amounting to RS 288.6 Billion as reported by Patron Tan Sri Dato Rafidah Aziz. Malaysia and India, it ties on bilateral relations have seen very strong with defense ties also matched up and both sides hold service specific training skills talks for both countries.
In 2007, Malaysia Air Force has accepted the 1st two Sukhoi Su 30 MKM from Russia Air Force. India specialist trained Malaysian Air force fighter pilots.
– The MMMC and proposed Penang medical institute are the examples by India to be set up higher education Institute in Malaysia.
During the last 14 years, India Malaysia trade had increased 10 fold and India and Malaysia has celebrated 50 years of Diplomatic Ties. Malaysians should take note of all opportunities in business available in India by participating in most of their Calendar of Events. It has been 60 years after independence that India has entered a virtuous circle of long term economic growth, strong fundamentals and a booming young population forcing the world to sit up and take notice.
India is a big continent and Malaysia with populations of 28 Million should strategize business opportunities and cater to the 200 million Indian populations.
It is worth a try, Mexpa will look into a Luncheon Talk on Business opportunities Feb 2013 followed by a Trade Mission in March 2013.

Prepared By,
Madam Sevaran Kaur JP
State Rep (NS /Liaison Official)

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