Courtesy Visit to Qatar Embassy by Mexpa (Malaysian Exporters Association) on 1/8/2012

The above courtesy visit was led by Mexpa President Mr.Kabur Ibrahim with team state representatives. We were met on arrival by Head of Mission Rashid Mairza Al-Mulla. En Kabur then introduced Mexpa's team and told Hisham, that mexpa did not want to miss out the fast growing Qatar. The purpose of our visit and the current activities was briefed to Head Mission, Rashid. It's role and function, the role with business people learned the governments link was highlighted. En.Kabur explained that the patron was Tan Sri Rafidah (Former Ministry of Trade). Head Mission Rashid said that even though the population was only nearly 2 million, more exporters with skills had come in to develop Qatar. Qatar is an uprising country in the Middle East. Qatar is also one of the states which gained independence along with Bahrain. The rest of the seva states eg:Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Oman,Al Ain, Shajahh joined in called United Arab States (UAE).

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