Report on MEXPA’s visit to Embassy of the Laos People’s Democratic Republic

The delegates comprising of President Mr Abdul Kabur Ibrahim, Mr Koh See Tiang, Puan Sevaran Kaur Dhalliwal JP, Puan Azizah and Encik Saffie Bakar from the Malaysian Exporters Association met His Excellency Laos Ambassador, Khampan Anlavan on 21st May 2012.

We were met by a friendly Ambassador, who was happy to meet us and further discuss business and have more bilateral and cultural links with Malaysia. His Excellency began with the history, where he said that the Laos people had migrated into Laos from Southern China from the 8th century and the Laos state was founded and called Lan Xang Kingdom and later on split into 3 kingdoms. In 1893, these kingdoms came under Siamese (Thai) rule. Later on the French came in and made king of Luang Prabang the constitutional head. This followed by Viet Min rebellion in Vietnam. A civil war resulted where many Laos’s people were killed. A coalition government headed by Sauvanna Phouma was agreed by the three princes.

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