Courtesy Visit to Qatar Embassy by Mexpa (Malaysian Exporters Association) on 1/8/2012

The above courtesy visit was led by Mexpa President Mr.Kabur Ibrahim with team state representatives. We were met on arrival by Head of Mission Rashid Mairza Al-Mulla. En Kabur then introduced Mexpa’s team and told Hisham, that mexpa did not want to miss out the fast growing Qatar. The purpose of our visit and the current activities was briefed to Head Mission, Rashid. It’s role and function, the role with business people learned the governments link was highlighted. En.Kabur explained that the patron was Tan Sri Rafidah (Former Ministry of Trade). Head Mission Rashid said that even though the population was only nearly 2 million, more exporters with skills had come in to develop Qatar. Qatar is an uprising country in the Middle East. Qatar is also one of the states which gained independence along with Bahrain. The rest of the seva states eg:Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Oman,Al Ain, Shajahh joined in called United Arab States (UAE).

Qatar is an oil rich state and this statewelcomed as many new ideas, new businesses, and wanted to see its economy grows. The All Thani familyhas was the foothold of the country’s development, forming from a village to be developed and proud nation. Doha, the capitol is anytime compared to Dubai of UAE. One wonders, when exporters of the whole world come to work here, new outlook, new shapes, new designs, innovative designs and boasted economy welcomes all people of different walls of life. ISlam is the official religion. Qatar has prestigious shopping centers, excellent tourist destinations and beautiful 5 star world’s best hotel and resorts. Qatarians welcome government and private company’s investments. During our visits, what was noted was the way the Qatarians worked. They were well planned people and observed 3,5 years & 10 years visions. They had 5 years system, where the emphasis was given to planning and certain projects were focused. With many enterprising Qatarians, their nations’ leader with his son and focus team had worked hard and brought about many changes. Many visitors will confirm the standard you see in Qatar. Attached is some breath taking pictures.

Our visit to Qatar embassy also saw new Head Mission Rashid speaking on our PM’s recent visit to Doha and on Malaysia Trade Centre. The President requested that Malaysian be informed of Projects that they could bid and Mexpa as an organization will disburse this information to its members, Head Mission Rashid said that qatar would like to work on Education/ Training / Healthcare /Culture. Head Mission Rashid informed that the world cup will be held in 2022 and the government has given top priority to this event. Plenty of Programs, Business related Programs are being lined up. Head Mission Rashid proposed that En.kabur put up a proposal pen, Pen in Mexpa’s projects that malaysians will be interested to do. HM Rashid informed Mr.Kabur that the next visit by travelling businesspeople from Qatar will be informed to Mexpa. HM Rashid said that Qatar was now hosting at 2035 and emphasis on sports, environmental, development and education. Rashid invited business people to visit Qatar and focus on right sector. Rashid said that Qatar was ready to exchange high shill Malaysian projects, people compete some outstanding projects. Qatar was planned to diversify to a strong commercial hub.

Our report highlights some history,culture, education, economy growth,tourism and service sectors. Sectors information below this:
Geography: Qatar is a peninsula 11,521 sq km in size, located halfway down the west coast of the Gulf. The territory of the Satte comprises, in addition to the mainland. A number of islands including Halul, Sheraouh, Al Beshairiya. Al Safliya and Al Aaliya.
Demography: The total population is presently estimated at nearly 1.7 million and has been increasing at 10-14% per annum in the recent years
Climate: The country has a moderate dessert climate with pleasant mild winters and hot summers.
Local Time: GMT plus 3 hours throughout the year
The State of Qatar: The state of Qatar is constitutional monarchy ruled by The Emir, HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani. The Heir Apparent is his son HH Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani.

Cultural Courtesy: Qatar is a very safe and friendly country and you will find people are generous with their time if you need any help or advice. Is is an Islamic state and manners and behaviors tend to be more formal than in some other countries. Visitors should dress modestly.
Next: Delegates will visit Qatar. Mexpa will keep in the mailing list. A luncheon talk could be organized inviting businesspeople from Malaysia companies. Many views were exchanged by mexpa’s state reps. HM Rashid gave on brief and old Qatar and encourage visitors to see the famous subway (old central market) architecture enjoying good food and good hospitality and service. A cover up in the trade magazine was welcomed in. Much was spoken on rail services 2016, new airport in Dec 02, 12.12.2012 at 12 pm.

Malaysia was informed to get ready for big event and prepare a Malaysia delegator. A luncheon talk is welcomed with this Rashid and the team dispersed.

Prepared by:
Sevaran Kaur JP
Mexpa’s State Rep & Liason Mexpa Official