Malaysian Exporters Association has been established in March 2011 as a national, non government and non-profit organization. Its main aim is to assist Malaysian companies in their quest to develop and promote their exports and to upgrade their status to meet current global challenges.

The main objectives of MEXPA are as follows:

  1. To provide information exchange and Networking opportunities for the Malaysian business community specially the Exporters.
  2. To act as a representative body to voice trade grievances hindering the development of Malaysia’s export trade.
  3. To formulate strategies and organize activities to expand Malaysia’s export in traditional markets and enter new and emerging markets.
  4. To provide advisory services on all matters related to the export industry.
  5. To uphold and enhance Malaysia’s trade status and commercial image in the International arena.
  6. To lobby for and support measures that would assist in developing competitive advantage and productivity in the export industry.
  7. To enhance export skills through training and education.
  8. To serve as the main professional body representing the rights of exporters of Malaysia.
  9. To enhance the spirit of cooperation among Malaysian exporters.
  10. To be a body to promote, identify and determine the best standard
    in the field of exports.
  11. To cooperate and coordinate the public (government, statutory and
    professional) in providing services to exporters of Malaysia.

The main activities of MEXPA are:

  1. To represent the interest of Malaysian Exporters when dealing with national and international organizations.
  2. To organize networking luncheons, tea and evening talks
  3. To organize training programmes in partnership with the Malaysian Export Academy to provide export skills and market entry strategies to Malaysian Exporters.
  4. To organize trade missions to selected overseas markets and to coordinate and receive buying missions from overseas partner organizations.
  5. To maintain a list of verified exporters and promote them and their products and services to overseas buyers.
  6. To organize business forums and trade related conferences in Malaysia and also in partnership with ASEAN trade associations in other ASEAN countries etc.

Since its registration, MEXPA have successfully organized several networking luncheons on doing business with Vietnam, Fiji and China. In July, it had organized a 30 member trade mission to Vietnam. MEXPA’s future projects in 2012 & 2013 include trade missions to Uzbekistan and Indonesia, the national export conference, the national halal conference and a government private sector partnership forum.

MEXPA is managed by a 12 member committee which headed by Abdul Kabur Ibrahim, who is President of the association. The adviser of MEXPA is YB. Tan Fri Rafidah Aziz.