Trade Mission to Cambodia 24th to 27 November 2013 , Sunday to Wednesday, 24 – 27 November 2013


Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia that borders the Gulf of Thailand. Neighboring countries include Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. The geography of Cambodia is mountainous in the southwest and north and dominated by the Mekong River and Tonle Sap Lake.

The government system is a multiparty democracy under a constitutional monarchy; the chief of state is the King and the head of government is the Prime Minister. Cambodia has a mixed economic system, self-defined as a planned economy with markets, in which the economy includes a variety of private freedom, combined with centralized economic planning and government regulation. Cambodia is a member of the Association of Southeast
Asian Nations (ASEAN). Click here to download full report

It is not surprising, then, that Cambodia is becoming a magnet for ASEAN companies preparing international expansion plans and looking for alternative production bases with low-cost labour. Cambodia offers ample opportunities for export of Malaysian products and services. Malaysians should move in more aggressively in this market to tap its enormous potentials.

Due to this huge potential in the various sectors, the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organising a General Trade Mission to Vientiane from 24 to 27 November 2013. This mission is managed by the Malaysian Export Academy.


• To explore Cambodia’ business potentials
• To obtain first hand information on the practical aspects of Doing Business in Cambodia
• To meet potential business partners in Cambodia


• Datuk Syed Ali Al Attas, NCCIM
• Dato’ Syed Hussien Al Habshee, NCCIM
• Mr. Wong Kum Sin, NCCIM
• Mr. Abdul Kabur Ibrahim, Malaysian Export Academy Sdn Bhd
• Sugumar Subramaniam, Asif International Sdn Bhd
• Ayob Bin Samad, ASR Padu Sdn Bhd
• Khairul Syazwan Bin Abu Nawar, Buttonwood Smart Logistics Sdn Bhd
• Tan Hee Boo, Buttonwood Technologies Sdn Bhd
• See Cheong Seng, CA Flavor Sdn Bhd
• Selva Raja, DAG Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd
• Zaharey Bin Jusoh, Dewan Marketing Sdn Bhd
• Mohd Taquddin bin Ibrahim, Dewan Marketing Sdn Bhd
• Lim Yat Lee, EQ Quality Training
• Tan Siew Chin, Euphony Musical Sdn Bhd
• Wong Boon Kiat, Euro Premiums Sdn Bhd
• Davies Danavaindran, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturer
• Ng Liang Sheng, Fragstar Corporation Sdn Bhd
• Kuak Way Siang, Fragstar Corporation Sdn Bhd
• Yew Ee Leong, Fragstar Corporation Sdn Bhd
• Loh Seng Keng, Guomax Sdn Bhd
• Yeow Lee Peng, Hot & Roll Holdings Sdn Bhd
• Naning Bin Jamaludin, Hot & Roll Holdings Sdn Bhd
• Lai Poh Fye,Jackson & Masacorale
• N Md Amin Bin N Taib, KMS Ingenieur Sdn Bhd
• Nik Umar Mukhtar Bin N Md Amin, KMS Ingenieur Sdn Bhd
• Yeu Guan Chuan, M.E.T Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd
• Yeong Kai Kin, M.E.T Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd
• Hanafee B. Yusoff, Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia
• Nagarajan a/l Thambiah, Malaysian Associated Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
• Kavitha a/p v. Muthiah,Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce & Industry
• Ong Lian Seng, Orthomedic Medical Devices Sdn Bhd
• Tan Chwee Lay, Orthomedic Medical Devices Sdn Bhd
• Jambulingam Sethuraman Raki, Raki Thomas & Ramanan
• Khor Song Joo,Tools Depot Sdn Bhd
• Tan Siew Lian , Trentim Wood Industries sdn Bhd
• Lee Soo Kiat, Y & L Metal Components Sdn Bhd
• Choo Kong Yu, Y & L Metal Components Sdn Bhd
• Dato Zubir Mohd Said, Zubir Foods Sdn Bhd
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• Details program as per ANNEX II
• Details of Courtesy Calls & Business Meeting as per ANNEX III
• List of Cambodia business people as per ANNEX IV
• Picture during the Trade Mission as per ANNEX V


Based on the debriefing session immediately after the Gala Dinner, the delegates expressed satisfaction on the outcome of the mission.
Among the projects that they have planned to undertake are as follows:
• Export of Medical Products especially rubber based, Electrical Switchboards, Business Software solutions, franchise opening, food export, etc
• Manufacturing & Assembling of Car parts and accessories
• Residential Development and Construction
• Water Treatment Projects and pumps installation
• Skill Training
• Optical Wholesale
• Student Recruitment
• Management of National Convention Bureau etc


It is recommended that the delegates should conduct follow up visits. Other Malaysian companies should also be encouraged to visit this country which appears to be an attractive destination for Malaysian investments and export of services. Investments in manufacturing of building materials, agricultural products, auto parts, rubber-based products etc, export of services such as Education, Engineering, Construction, Event Management, Medical etc have great potential in this country. The tourism sector is another area to explore and invest in this country.

In a nutshell, the six areas in terms of priority that Malaysians could target are Real Estate Development, Education, Medical Services, Tourism, ICT and Manufacturing. In terms of export, we should look at more high tech products and services.