Report on MEXPA’s visit to Embassy of Papua New Guinea

The Malaysian Exporters Association’s calendar PNG events for year 2011, saw us visiting the PNG’s embassy in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur on 6 December 2011. The visit comprised of 6 Exco members and was led by Mr Kabur Ibrahim, we were welcomed by H.E. Ambassador Veali Vagi and were well briefed a press interview was conducted and mentioned below is the extract of our interview.

H.E. Ambassador Veali Vagi described PNG as a country with mountains of gold on lakes of soil surrounded by a vast sea of natural gas.Roughly the size of California and boasts one of the most diverse populations on Earth, with more than 850 indigenous languages, Papua New Guinea (PNG) is also one of, if not the most, heterogeneous nation in the world.

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