Report on MEXPA’s visit to High Commission of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

MEXPA representative met up with Sri Lanka Ambassador. H.E. Mr K. Godage. This senior gentleman Ambassador gave the delegates an insight of Sri Lanka and its roots, history and political struggle of power. He spoke as the Tamil Tigers operation as the north of Sri Lanka had more Jaffna or Tamil speaking people. H.E. praised the prime minister and Malaysia development. He said though Malaysia was a multiracial country it had been stable and peaceful.

Sri Lanka, he said had the Sinhalese and Buddhist people and shine worship was an important point. He said most project sores left Sri Lanka due to political unstably but now with the present Prime Minister, things was changing and the economy was growing. These were some unrest but people were expecting this part of life.

MEXPA members who attend the visit were Mr Kabur, Madam Sevaran Kaur, Dato’ Ramesh, Mr Alex, Mr Koh and Mrs Mei Ling. President explained that MEXPA was looking at working with Sri Lanka. There were business heel in relocating but were concern on safely
High Commissioner welcomed serious buyers and investors as Sri Lanka had much to offer.

Report prepared by;
Puan Sevaran Kaur JP
State rep. (NS)/ Liaison officer of MEXPA

Report on MEXPA’s visit to Embassy of Papua New Guinea

The Malaysian Exporters Association’s calendar PNG events for year 2011, saw us visiting the PNG’s embassy in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur on 6 December 2011. The visit comprised of 6 Exco members and was led by Mr Kabur Ibrahim, we were welcomed by H.E. Ambassador Veali Vagi and were well briefed a press interview was conducted and mentioned below is the extract of our interview.

H.E. Ambassador Veali Vagi described PNG as a country with mountains of gold on lakes of soil surrounded by a vast sea of natural gas.Roughly the size of California and boasts one of the most diverse populations on Earth, with more than 850 indigenous languages, Papua New Guinea (PNG) is also one of, if not the most, heterogeneous nation in the world.

Report on MEXPA’s visit to High Commission of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Mexpa’s delegation headed by President Encik Kabur Ibrahim along with Puan Azizah, Puan Sevaran Kaur JP and Mr Chua Chee Hsieng paid a courtesy visit to H.E. Masood Khalid on 10th April 2012. His Excellency spoke of Pakistan and their proud achievements.

H.E. said that today Pakistan was a nation of 187 million hardworking and dynamic people committed in upholding dignity and honor of their country. It has been the centre of the great Indus valley with Gandhara and Mughal civilizations. H.E. sited that the ruins of Taxila, Mohenjodaro and Harappa were testimony of rich cultural heritage. Pakistan is a country adorned with snow covered peaks, fiery deserts, fertile mountain valleys and irrigation plants. The mountains north serve as the juncture of 3 of the world’s highest mountain.

Report on MEXPA’s visit to Embassy of Nepal

The Malaysian Exporters Association led by President Mr Kabur Ibrahim paid courtesy call to H.E. Ambassador Dr Rishi Adhikari on 9th January 2012. The Nepal Embassy is housed at Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur. Our Trade delegation comprised of 7 members. The Exco members being Encik Kabur, Mr Koh, Madam Sevaran, Puan Azizah, Mr Gopal (Press correspondence), Mr Rama and Mr Hafiz.

H.E. Excellency briefed committee present on Nepal. Nepal, he said is the 14th trading partner and had steadily increased its imports into Malaysia. Malaysia has also done well in exporting goods, items and services.

Mauritius Entrepreneurs Delegation to Malaysia – Seminar and Business Meetings on 23 April 2012

Date: 23 April 2012, Monday
Time: 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm
Venue: Citrus Hotel, Jalan Tiong Nam, Off Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur

A business delegation led by Mr Saheed Thupsee, Extension Officer of SMEDA (Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority) and Chairman of Aaleemee Society (nonprofit organization) coordinated by Puan Azizah (Vice President of MEXPA) was accompanied by Mr M. Ismeed Abdollah, Mr Navind Gunnoo, Mr Osman, Mr Afzal, Mr Yunous Dhansee, Mrs Shazia Baharay and Mrs Millen Abdool Cader met at Citrus Hotel.
The purpose of the visit to meet up with business people from Malaysia and to link up some business. A presentation was done Mr Afzal (Mauritius Delegation).
The team was keen in promoting the textile, jewellery, shipping, cosmetic, transport equipment (wind screen products etc.) in the motor or bus area and the food and beverage industry. The program saw 21 participants from The Exporters Club company representatives. A visit to a glove factory was arranged by Madam Sevaran Kaur JP (MEXPA) in the next day.

Report on MEXPA’s visit to Embassy of the Laos People’s Democratic Republic

The delegates comprising of President Mr Abdul Kabur Ibrahim, Mr Koh See Tiang, Puan Sevaran Kaur Dhalliwal JP, Puan Azizah and Encik Saffie Bakar from the Malaysian Exporters Association met His Excellency Laos Ambassador, Khampan Anlavan on 21st May 2012.

We were met by a friendly Ambassador, who was happy to meet us and further discuss business and have more bilateral and cultural links with Malaysia. His Excellency began with the history, where he said that the Laos people had migrated into Laos from Southern China from the 8th century and the Laos state was founded and called Lan Xang Kingdom and later on split into 3 kingdoms. In 1893, these kingdoms came under Siamese (Thai) rule. Later on the French came in and made king of Luang Prabang the constitutional head. This followed by Viet Min rebellion in Vietnam. A civil war resulted where many Laos’s people were killed. A coalition government headed by Sauvanna Phouma was agreed by the three princes.

Report on MEXPA’s visit to Embassy of Republic of Indonesia

As we all know that Malaysia has no time to lose but compete with emerging markets, we can now look at what Minister of Malaysia Trade and Industry Dato’ Seri Mustapa Mohd had to say. Malaysia has continued a good trajectory with trade expanding by 7.7% in 2011 (RM 724 billion) compared to 2010. Major markets were China, Japan, US, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Netherlands. Exports were electrical, electronic, palm oil, natural gas, crude petroleum, chemical products, machinery parts, metal, optical and scientific equipments.

Report on MEXPA’s visit to Embassy of the Republic of the Fiji Island

As we take our Malaysia economy and ability, we will also enjoy a greater business dealing in the world trade market. The Malaysian Exporters Association is here on a mission to improve the overall exporting activity of the Malaysia companies and will fill the global demand. Malaysia will now look at fast and growing markets. One such market is the Fiji Island’s market, now chooses its destination ‘Fiji’. The courtesy visit comprising of two members led by MEXPA President, Mr Abdul Kabur Ibrahim. MEXPA’s mission is to find 9 fertile grounds for Malaysia trade entrepreneurs.

This will see them not being late but investing their operations in areas in interest, where there are high prospects for growth and earning potential.

Report on MEXPA’s visit to Embassy of the Republic of Croatia

The Malaysian Exporters Association (MEXPA) conducted a courtesy visit to the Croatia Embassy on 14 May 2012 and was welcomed by His Excellency Zeljko Bosnjak. The team was represented by Mr Koh See Tiang, Puan Sevaran Kaur JP and Puan Azizah Anuar.

We had a lengthy discussion with His Excellency and found that Croatia was a country with 5 million people, with western culture, multicultural and had 80,000 Muslim living there. Most of them are Christians. The Croatian call their country ‘Our Beautiful Homeland’ which relates in their national anthem. It has European parliamentary state and cultural history. The friendly Ambassador, H.E. Zeljko Bosnjak classified Croatia as one of the medium sized European countries such as Denmark, Ireland, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Croatia is a land of open frontiers and simple customs regulations, a peaceful country. It is a good place to visit as the shoreline enjoys the majority of the Adriatic coastline. The narrow Dinara mountain range separates the country’s Mediterranean region. Having the Alps in the northest and Danube in the East and fertile Pamonian Islands in the South. The population being 4,429,078 inhabits. Croatians, Serbs, Bosnians, Slovenia, Hungarian, Czech, Italians and Albanians make up the inhabitant. The capital is Zagreb. It is the economic, transport, cultural and academic centre of the country. There are 1,244 islands and the largest are Krk and Cres. There are 50 inhabited islands.

Courtesy Visit to the Embassy of Iraq on 13/8/12 by Mexpa

The courtesy visit was led by Mexpa's President En.Kabur Ibrahim accompanied by Mexpa's state exco representatives. En. Kabur expossed that Mexpa was very keen to work with countries that had no Matrade office. En.Kabur informed that many Malaysians were always looking for new markets and investments and were willing to go abroad. Many were also reluctant to travel but went to Jordan and Kuwait instead. Malaysia has maintained bilateral relation he said. H.E Amal Mussa Hussain Ali Al-Rubaye went on to introduce Iraq and quoted that in 1979 Tan Sri Rafidah our patron had visited Iraq. Trade services have continued in Iraq since then Furniture, electronic items, oil field instruments and other trade are being traded. Iraq also needed support in health care, education and training. En. kabur mentioned that Mexpa represented most industries and the export community too.