Courtesy visit to South Africa embassy on 7 August 2012 (Tuesday) at Suite 22, Level 22, Menara,HLA, No 3, Jalan Kia Peng,50450 Kuala Lumpur

The above courtesy visit was led by President En Kabur Ibrahim of Mexpa. The team compromised of state reps. Kabur introduced himself as having served the South African continent as a Trade Counselor and also Belgium too, He was happy to work together with South Africa ambassy and wanted Malaysia businessman to get an opportunity to trading.

HE Thami Dennis Mseleku welcomed members of Mexpa and noted Tan Sri Rafidah as our patron. HE expressed that he was keen on how Malaysian exporters could collaborate business with South African. HE hoped that more investment would come as the South Africa region was a developed nation and always welcomed new businesses.

Courtesy Visit to Qatar Embassy by Mexpa (Malaysian Exporters Association) on 1/8/2012

The above courtesy visit was led by Mexpa President Mr.Kabur Ibrahim with team state representatives. We were met on arrival by Head of Mission Rashid Mairza Al-Mulla. En Kabur then introduced Mexpa's team and told Hisham, that mexpa did not want to miss out the fast growing Qatar. The purpose of our visit and the current activities was briefed to Head Mission, Rashid. It's role and function, the role with business people learned the governments link was highlighted. En.Kabur explained that the patron was Tan Sri Rafidah (Former Ministry of Trade). Head Mission Rashid said that even though the population was only nearly 2 million, more exporters with skills had come in to develop Qatar. Qatar is an uprising country in the Middle East. Qatar is also one of the states which gained independence along with Bahrain. The rest of the seva states eg:Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Oman,Al Ain, Shajahh joined in called United Arab States (UAE).

Courtesy Visit by MEXPA team to Mauritius Embassy in Jalan Ampang, KL 2012

The Team was led by President Abdul Kabur Ibrahim and it was a pleasure meeting up with the new Ambassador HE Premdut Doongor. Ambassador Premdut had much to say and cited Mauritius as a Trading hub and compared its Location, stages and growth with that of Singapore in the Asian region.
President Kabur explained Mexpa’s cooperation with Matrade, assisting especially where no Matrade officer existed. Mr. Kabur also explained on Mexpa activities, such as Luncheon Talks, Trade missions, Visit by Business delegations. He further emphasized on setting up a distribution centre in Mauritius whereby Malaysia businesspeople could sell their products directly to all parties in the Europe & Africa markets. He spoke on measures taken by Mexpa to identify verified exports. He pointed out, Mexpa was willing to assist all Malaysia businesspeople to seek further business opportunities in Mauritius. Member of Mexpa team spoke at length their proposals and business opportunities.
Mr.Sandeep & Mr.Navin (of High Commisionnar Mauritius) assured Mexpa that they will do their best to encourage more business people to visit and trade in Mauritius.

Some information on Mauritius is listed below:

• Mauritius, A country on the move.

The economic history is one of the continuous re-invention to meet the challenges of a chaging global context. For a small open economy with no other resources than its people, its ability to innovate and its adaptability, Mauritius has successfully transformed itself into a dynamic, diversified, resilient, globally competitive and forward looking nation.
New buildings for up market residences, shopping malls, recreational facilities and high end office space are springing up and reshaping the landscape. Modern development calls for new generation solutions to cater for growing needs, and Mauritius addresses these under the MID %E banner – Maurice IIe Durable ( Mauritius sustainable Island) and integrated approach to all round sustainable development based on the five axes of Education, Employment, Energy, Environment and Equity.
To ensure that social progress accompanies the country’s economic development, the government has setup a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund to improve the quality of life at grass root levels. Besides creating a dwelling for all pilot integrated village projects are also being develop based on concepts such as environment preservation, promotion of education, food security, community development and the support of entrepreneurship
Above all, the country’s development and ecological stewardship is driven and supported by its people and the unity that harmonies diverse cultures to form a most delightful and welcoming rainbow nation turned towards green future and open to the world.

Getting started

In response to investors needs, the government of Mauritius policy has been top open the economy and streamlines procedures for people to come, work and live in Mauritius, This is embodied in the business facilitation (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2006. Pro business policies make it easy to do business in Mauritius.
Entering Mauritius for Business
Non citizens travelling to Mauritius can opt for different visas to enter the country namely Toursit visa, Business Visa, Multiple Entry Visa and Transit Visa. For more informational, Please visit:
Fiscal Regime

Mauritius offers a low tax jurisdiction and an investors friendly environment to encourage local and foreign companies to set up business. The world banks doing business Survey 2011 ranks Mauritius 11th out 183 countries in terms of fiscal regimes. Some of the fiscal advantages offered include:
• Competitive corporate and income taxes set a 15%
• No withholding tax on interest and dividends
• 100% foreign ownership
• Exemption from customs duty on equipment
• Free repatriation of profits, dividends and capital
• No minimum foreign capital required
• No withholding tax on royalties

Registering a Business

Mauritius has open economic policy and provides a level playing field to local and foreign businesses. Incorporation of a domestic company is a simple process that is done within 3 working days by the Companies Division. All the information required for the setting up of business activity in Mauritius is available section of the BOI website:
Employment in Mauritius
Employment righys and obligations in Mauritius are governed by the Rmploymnet Right Act 2008. This new legislation has been designed to cater for the needs of modern employment environment in Mauritius which includes the hiring of foreign talents. For further details, please visit the ‘Mauritius Advantage section of the BOI website
Work, Live Retire in Mauritius
Residence permits and work permits for foreign investors, self employed and professionals have been combined into single occupation permits, which are promptly processed. The residence permit scheme for retired Non citizens allows an eligible Non citizen to retire in Mauritius for three years.

The Board of Investment

The Board of Investment (BOI) is the official Investment Promotion Agency of the Government of Mauritius. The BOI plays a key role in country’s emergence as a strategically located and competitive global business platform and acts as a one stop for the international business community in Mauritius by providing a range of personalized services. An open economy, Mauritius is a vibrant democracy with spearheading innovation, exclusive business services with an exquisite lifestyle, a solid technological based with enormous talents.

Infrastructural Build Up

• The government of Mauritius is committed to endow the country with a reliable, efficient and supportive infrastructure set at par with developed countries. The island has an extensive road network including a multiple lane highway linking the airport from the southeast, to the north.
• The government is investing massively to modernize the infrastructural setup:
• The electricity and water distribution networks cover the whole of the island with future power and water needs being addressed through strategic investment plans

Furthermore, several business parks have emerged through the island during the past five years with state of the art building including inbuilt fibre optic networks, intergrated building management systems (IBMS) and plug and work concepts amongst others.
Ideal international Business Delivery Platform
Mauritius is ranked amongst the top 20 countries in the world for ease of doing business according to the world bank doing survey 2011 and has 12th freest economy in the worlds according to the index of Economic Freedom 2010 of the worlds Heritage Foundation. The country has a very competitive fiscal platform for corporate and income taxes and possibility to benefit from foreign tax credit for Global Business Companies incorporated in Mauritius. The fiscal regime has no stamp duty or royalties and no withholding tax on interest and dividends. In addition, the monetary regime has no foreign exchange control.
Gateway to Emerging Markets
Ideally located at the crossroads of Asia and Africa, Mauritius has been known as the star and key of the Indian Ocean since 18th century sea farers. Mauritius has optimized on its excellent cultural and commercial ties with Europe and Asia to successfully position itself as an investment gateway to both Asia and Africa. The emergence of increasing trade flows Asia and Africa also leads to new opportunities that can be captured by using Mauritian Platform.
World Class Regulatory Framework
For the past decade, Mauritius has crafted a business regulatory framework based on international best practices. The Business Facilitation Act 2066 provides for the setting up of companies within 3 working days. The companies Act 2011 clearly sets out the requirements for incorporation and administration of a business. A mediation division is planned for out of court dispute resolution. The commercial division of the Supreme Court instituted in 2009 also provides for fast track resolution commercial litigations. Mauritius is also planning itself regional centre arbitration
Home to MNEs
The business service facilities the competitive fiscal platform, the network of DTAAs and IPPAs asn the available talent pool make Mauritius a competitive destination for the setiing up of regional headquarters. Internationally accredited companies have established regional headquarters in Mauritius as stepping stone in Africa
At Arms reach
Mauritius has a strong and dynamic logistics platform with modern infrastructural facilities totaling 120,000 sq. M of dry warehouse cold room facilities and processing centers. The free ports success is endowed on the country’s air and sea link to the rest of the world coupled with level of service and infrastructure at the air and sea ports. Mauritius has regular air and sea connections to the rest if the world with major air and sea lines serving the island

Market Acess

Mauritius enjoys preferential market access to the US,EU and African countries (COMESA and SADC)
• COMESA provides duty free access subject to satisfying the rules of origin as per the COMESA trade protocol. (
• The SADC Trade Protocol makes provision for gradual elimination of customs duties over a 12 year period on goods that’s satisfy the criteria established by SADC rules of origin. (
• The economic Partnership agreement with EU provides preferential market access for goods of Mauritian origin
• The African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) provides preferential market access for goods of Mauritian origin to the US market

Financial Services
Since the establishment of the first commercial bank in September 1838, Mauritius had progressed rapidly to become a respected International Financial Centre with financial intermediation accounting for more than 10% GDP on average
The financial services sector is regulated by a modern and innovative set of laws. A number of internationally recognized banks are actively involved in the Mauritius Financial Service arena. The country also has a dynamic insurance and reinsurance industry which has constantly seen positive growth over the last few years.
Mauritius has built its reputation as an undisputed and well regulated jurisdiction of substance for global investments specially targeting the Asian and African regions. In addition, there are number of professional financial services providers in the fields of accountancy, auditing, tax advisory, investment structuring and international legal services to mention but a few.
The Mauritian IFC has gained international recognition as a safe and trusted jurisdiction by the OECD,FETF, IOSCO,IAIS and IFSB amongst others. Mauritius is widely used by a number of global investment funds and equities with specific Asian and African mandates as well as by key international investment advisory firms.


The ICT BPO industry has witnessed significant transformation over the last 5 years. In 2010 the ICT BPO sector contributed to 6.4% of GDP and employed some 15,000 professionals. It is expected that this sector will contribution over 8% to GPD and will employ 25,000 people by 2015.
Through a well developed and reliable infrastructure, excellent telecommunications facilities and access to a scalable and stable power grid, Mauritius is emerging as a regional hub for the provision of outsourcing and telecom services. The government has set the building blocks to potion the island as a global centre for data hosting, disaster recovery, shared services and other high value services delivery.
Leading global companies have trusted Mauritius for its enabling business environment, qualified bilingual talent pool as well as for its political and social stability

Hospitality Sector

Mauritius has considerable natural advantages as a dream destination- beautiful coral beaches warm clear lagoons, picturesque mountains, a subtropical climate, a southern hemisphere location, an atmosphere that is exotically different yet safe and stable, warm and friendly people with a mixed cultural diversity.
The hospitality sector had developed into a key pillar of the Mauritian economy with a contribution of 18% to GDP.
Mauritius your information “Bus Hub’, taking this slogan in mind , Mexpa members after attending this attractive and fruitful visit.

Prepared By Madam Sevaran JP

Courtesy Visit to India Embassy On 23.10.2012 at Menara 1, Mount Kiara, Kl

Mexpa’s delegation led by Mr. Kabur (President), Madam Sevaran JP and Encik Shaffie met up with His Excellency Gokhale and Dep.High Commisioner Assem R Mahajan recently at their embassy office on 23.10.2012
Mr.Kabur Ibrahim gave an Introduction on Malaysia Exporters Association activities and role. He mentioned that Mexpa was new and it was a NGO but had manufacturers in various fields registered,
Mexpa worked with many SME’s and MATRADE and MITI government agencies. Mr.Kabur informed that the patrons of the organization were none other than Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz. India being a big continent with a population of 200 million people was undergoing the rapid growth in various sectors, His Excellency Gokhale informed that on 29/12/12 in Sunway there will be an Asean rally and ASLI will be coordinating the event. Mr Kabur started that Mexpa also helped out in countries that did not have a MATRADE office. His Excellency explained that there were 2 big organizations looking into the Trade and His Excellency quoted the FIECO (India) (Federation of India Exporters Organization) was one of the big one and recently in 2012 has seen new Foreign Trade policies. It had its global Investors Mart; it had organinized SACT Fair in Kunming, China, had met with Australia, Seminar with European countries and meeting with Delegation from Bangladesh Diplomats, Nigerian delegations. These were also a workshop on food export and global business meets. His Excellency Gokhale requested En.Kabur to write in officially and expressed that he would be happy to attend a Luncheon talk. At length it was discussed that trade could be hosted at all states in India, such as Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Kerala and North India. His Excellency spoke on Mexpa meeting with the Tamil Chamber of Commerce, if a Trade Mission was to be organized to Chennai, His Excellency explained, Malaysian delegations were going to India to mutual visits after during the year. Mexpa’s calendar of events was briefed to His Excellency. His Excellency Gokhale suggested that on the website there was more information, there was updated materials and hoped Malaysians businessman will look at it. He stated that India was concerned that there has been a drop in exporters from Malaysia to India and vice versa. Referred to Mr. Kulra is the commercial advisor at the High Commision and more trading matches could be discussed. His Excellency Gokhale explained that Mexpa will be put on the mailing list. He also spoke on the Halal Industry and said Halal food was one area to be looked at in India. He cited that Malaysia Timber Board was already working with India companies.
Mr.Kabur explained that Mexpa will be looking at visiting Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos (Dec) and Jan 13 (Sri Lanka). The members will be briefed on this courtesy visit and will arrange a Trade Mission to India in March or April 2013. His Excellency also informed Mexpa officials that the coming INTRADE exhibition had a lot to offer and Mexpa should look at the incentives and benefits available.
Some information on India:
India is 1/3 size of US. It occupies most of the subcontinent in India in Southern Asia. Borders China in the northeast. Neighbors are Pakistan on the west, Nepal and Bhutan on the North, Burma, Bangladesh on the East. Himalayan in the North, Gangetic Plain, Plateau region, 3 river systems, the ganges, Indus and Brahmaputra. Aryans entered India in 1500 BC. Sanskrit and Vedic religion of the past now Hinduism. Buddhism founded in 6th Century, spread by Maura King (Asoka) 269-232 BC. In 1526 Muslim invaders founded the Mogul Empire centered in Delhi, ruled by Akhbar the great. For the information of Members, the capitol in New Delhi with largest city Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Madras (Chennai), Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Punjab.
India has seen British rule and Indians with Mahatma Gandhi leading the challenge, As India has much to offer, some success stories of Malaysian’s investing in India are mentioned.
– IJM had taken up a road and highway projects in India:- Pankaj Aggarwal, GM of IJM India
– GTL (India’s largest network services provider in the work has acquired a cash deal Intel Capitol and Malaysia Venture Capital Management (Mavcap).
– Raintree Park in Hyderabad is another project by Malaysians
Malaysia Airline (Nor airline) runs the largest fleet in South East Asia, Flies to Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. India is one of the highest provides of passengers to Malaysia. There is a large market potential for health supplements, In India people are becoming health conscious. Creative Network International is one of Malaysia multinational marketing level company, focusing on health products for health supplements. India from wind power, to solar energy to hydro power and biomass. India had intensified efforts to develop renewable energy sources.
– Education: India has trained doctors, engineers and other professional and has extended its wings to Malaysia: eg The Melaka Manipal Medical College with largest number of Malaysian students in India, The Manipal College has over 3000 alumni in Malaysia.
– India is also Malaysia’s 9th largest global trading partner amounting to RS 288.6 Billion as reported by Patron Tan Sri Dato Rafidah Aziz. Malaysia and India, it ties on bilateral relations have seen very strong with defense ties also matched up and both sides hold service specific training skills talks for both countries.
In 2007, Malaysia Air Force has accepted the 1st two Sukhoi Su 30 MKM from Russia Air Force. India specialist trained Malaysian Air force fighter pilots.
– The MMMC and proposed Penang medical institute are the examples by India to be set up higher education Institute in Malaysia.
During the last 14 years, India Malaysia trade had increased 10 fold and India and Malaysia has celebrated 50 years of Diplomatic Ties. Malaysians should take note of all opportunities in business available in India by participating in most of their Calendar of Events. It has been 60 years after independence that India has entered a virtuous circle of long term economic growth, strong fundamentals and a booming young population forcing the world to sit up and take notice.
India is a big continent and Malaysia with populations of 28 Million should strategize business opportunities and cater to the 200 million Indian populations.
It is worth a try, Mexpa will look into a Luncheon Talk on Business opportunities Feb 2013 followed by a Trade Mission in March 2013.

Prepared By,
Madam Sevaran Kaur JP
State Rep (NS /Liaison Official)

Courtesy Visit to Afghanistan Embassy on 17/10/12- 11am at Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Our team compromised of Mr.Kabur Ibrahim (President Mexpa), Madam Sevaran JP and Mr.Shaffie. We were met on arrival by His Excellency Abdul Samad SAMAD (Ambassador of Afghanistan Embassy) and Minister Consulate Ahmad Shah Arsalaie.

Mr. Ahmad Shah explained that he was happy at the visit by Mexpa and hoped that more Trade would take place between Malaysia and Afghanistan. Mr.Ahmad Shah also highlighted that many traders, students and professionals of other fields wanted to come to Malaysia but faces problems from Immigration and were unable to secure a visa. The main set back he said that was that Afghanistan did not have a Malaysian Embassy in Kabul, (Capital).
He also explained that Afghanistan was a land locked country and trading was tough, and parts like Dubai and Karachi in Pakistan had to be used. A recent visit by Afghanistan health officials has seen MOU signed and 200 students will be sent to 7 universities in Malaysia in the coming months. The Afghanistan people he said believed in the quality if goods from Malaysia and these was a big scope for business. Highways, Buildings, Bridges and roads need to be built and Mexpa is ready to work towards this projects. He cited that the media has blown the issue of Afghanistan war torn country. He further explained the previous political situation and the present government. He assured that the Taliban people will not disturb Muslim people as Malaysia was a Muslim country. He spoke on the exhibition that will be held on 22, 23 and 2/12 and said that Afghanistan delegates have trade show will encourage businesspeople to trade more effectively. These were projects, good water system, and good infrastructure needed.
Mr.Ahmad (Minister Counselor) said people were afraid to come to Afghanistan, He asked Malaysia, not to worry but to come and see for them. He said that there were 80,000 Pakistani’s working in Ayga. He said more Chinese/Indians, South Korea, Iranians and those from Uzbekistan and Turkey were actively working. He suggested that Malaysia do a fesiciable study and then organize a Trade Mission. Afghanistan had mining/gas/petrol/cooper/hydropower/gemstones and invited foreigners to seek this opportunity. He assured these were no problems. Ahmad Shah said the youths were ready to learn more things and bring more progress to their country. A new Halal city with big 30 km land. Eg: Like Putrajaya was being planned.
A train system was needed. Transportation good roads, highways and airports were needed. The procedures and policy would be highlighted. Malaysians invited to get their visa and could visit Afghanistan which is a 28 million people population. Afghanistan its main trade is agriculture based (all kinds of fruits / 80,000 Tons of rice /wheat/good carpet industry (Handwork). Karachi is a closer destination for trader. Afghanistan has 4 season and good minerals, a need was for good technology, The government had the resources. These was very good water from high mountains. They would look at 4000 mega projects. A dam was needed and resources were needed to generate power.
There are 20 education colleges and Universities (Government & Private). Afghanistan needs specialized training, vocational training. Afghanistanis speak Parsi. English is taught also. Afghanistan is a country with 7090 mountains. It has the capacity to produce Petrol. Malaysia can buy dry fruits, Fresh fruits, Saffron, Medical Plants, grains, herbal plants, wool, animal product, slim leather, raisins, carpets, juices, wheat, industry development is seen progressing. Malaysians exporters can export wood, furniture (as the jungle was damaged during war), Malaysia can send construction materials, and build homes, plywood has a good market. Electrical items from Malaysia are welcomed. Medicare from Malaysia is ready consumed. More paper is needed, 300 million tons used annually, palm oil, soap, toiletries, and food stuff is need for cooking and consuming.
Malaysians are encouraged to set up Trade centers. Singapore has interest in the above products too. To increase Hotels and Resorts. The people in Afghanistan to be trained in the Culinary and Tourism Industry. This is a great scope. Afghanistan is a land locked in the centre of Asia forming central Asia, South Asia and a part of Middle East. It is 647,500KM and the 41st largest nation. It is boarded by Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan and China. It is an ancient local point for Silk Road. Habitation is as back as 50,000 BC. It has been witnessed by military campaigns by Alexandra the Great, Genghiz khan, and Mogul Empire. The British and the Russian empires had ruled at one time.
The decades of war made Afghanistan the world’s most dangerous country. It becomes the largest producers of refugees and asylum seekers. Afghanistan is divided into 34 provinces and it is an opportunity for the Malaysian Businessman to explore the Afghanistan Mogul.

A luncheon Talk will be arranged in the near future and a trade mission will follow.

In the pipe line:
1) Courtesy Visit to the embassy of Sultanate of Oman
2) Courtesy Visit to the Embassy of Myanmar
3) Courtesy visit to the Embassy of UAE

Prepared By,
Madam Sevaran Kaur JP
State Rep (NS /Liaison Official)

Report on MEXPA’s visit to High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

MEXPA’s representatives led by President Abdul Kabur Ibrahim met up with H.E. Atiqur Rahman (High Commisioner) Of Bangladesh Embassy on 22 June 2012. H.E. Atiqur Rahman welcomed the members and stated that he looked forward towards a working collaboration with MEXPA.

His Excellency spoke on various issues and made suggestions too. There was a strong discussion on education especially on medical students as only 4 universities were recognized and catered to meet medical student needs in Bangladesh. Main emphasis was also highlighted by the Ambassador on Training for skilled labor force

His Excellency looking forward at the education sector and proposed that MEXPA take efforts to get other medical universities to write in to Bangladesh government and propose for more Malaysia student in take into Bangladesh Universities. With a population of 150million, Bangladesh is a multiracial country with 85% Muslims and rest Hindu, Chinese and Buddhist.

President MEXPA Mr Kabur said that MEXPA is willing to cooperate and will welcome visiting delegates MEXPA was working closely with countries where there was no Malaysia MATRADE office. High Commissioner emphasized on 3 questions
1) What is that you can trade in Bangladesh at quality and price
2) What are the sectors and the investment margin
3) Business people – there are no boundaries (to get profit) how much profit?
4) What is in the market – of export and import
High Commissioner said the government was open and fully gave protection to start a business there was no restriction to send out money. High Commissioner said he was willing to assist MEXPA if a delegation was interested to visit Bangladesh. Meetings could be arranged with chambers, association etc in the proper way. H.E. stated that a showcase called showcase Bangladesh 2012 was being organized from 13-15 July 2012 at the Exchange Trade Centre (ETC) basement of Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur where Bangladesh representative Seminar, representative Business delegation, one to one meeting were arranged on Bangladesh good exhibit on Bangladesh items will be promoted.

The product category will be
• Banking & Insurance
• Cosmetic & Textiles
• Halal foods, Frozenfoods & Halal products
• Home textiles
• Hotel tourism
• Leather products
• Pharmaceuticals herbal products
• Readymade garments
• Real Estate Housing
• Agriculture products
In the construction sector, joint venture partners could visit Bangladesh and as a free zone, a trade activity can be recognized. A high tech school could be opened up. A private University could be established in Chittagong. It is cost effective and MOU is welcomed with MEXPA. High Commissioner welcomed training as an added expertise e.g. Vanto academy in Malaysia. His Excellency mentioned government could give training and added value programs. More skilled Labor Training was needed for Bangladesh. There were not enough trainers, His Excellency said.

High Commissioner emphasized that there were 4 categories that needed to be identified in Bangladesh and that was the Professor/ skilled/ semiskilled/ unskilled. Bangladesh was good at providing manpower and especially nursing & workers to the global world. High Commissioner spoke on Muslim community’s opinion on Halal that they were rather conservative and H.E. mentioned that the government was willing to allocate 200 meter of Chittagong beach and set up bars and Hotels.
Key Facts on Bangladesh
Official name: People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Political system: Parliamentary Democracy
Population: 152 million (est)
Area: 147, 570km2
Time Zone: GMT+6 Hours
GDP Total: USD 105 bill (FY2012-11)
GDP Per Capita: USD 22.92 billion (FY2010-11)
Total Exports: USD 33.66 billion (FY2010-11)
Total Imports: USD 0.913 billion (FY 2010)
FDI Inflows: USD 10.91 billion (June, 2011)
Forex Reserve: Chittagong & Mongla
Major Maritime Ports: BDT (1BDT = USD 0.01434) (Avg FY June, 2011)
Major Cities: Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Barisal & Rangpur

Bangladesh is winning combination with its competitive market, business-friendly environment and competitive cost structure that can give business people best returns. It is:
• Industrial low-costs workforce
• Strategic location, regional connectivity and worldwide access
• Strong local market and growth
• Low cost of energy
• Proven export competitiveness
• Competitive Incentives
• Export and Economic Zones
• Positive Climate

Competitive Sector of Investment
Under the Prime Minister Office (PMO) Board of Investment is the apex investment promotion and facilitation agency of Bangladesh. It offers wide-ranging services to the investors beginning from the conceptualization to product marketing advice.

Agro- based Industry
• Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
• Cooked/ Semi Cooked Food Items
• Canned Juice
• Dairy and Poultry
• Livestock and Fisheries

Industry Incentives
• Specially arranged Equity Entrepreneurship Fund for development of agro-based industry
• Special loan facilities available to set up an agro-based industry
• Agro-based industry enjoys tax holiday
• Any investment in this sector will enjoy similar tax concession as are available in other sectors
• Imposition of supplementary duty on mango, orange, grape, apples, dates and others to utilize the high quality and cheaper local resources.
• Cash incentive to exporters ranges from 20% in various sub-sectors.

Bangladesh citizens have brought in new technology as many have migrated to other countries. H.E. explained that MEXPA could further support and was willing to assist our business people do business in Bangladesh.

Report prepared by;
Puan Sevaran Kaur JP
State rep. (NS)/ Liaison officer of MEXPA